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Self-compassion and mindfulness

Discover Lasting Transformation through Self-Compassion & Mindfulness
Are you seeking a profound journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and inner healing? Welcome to our Self-Compassion & Mindfulness Skills Group – a transformative experience designed to empower you on your path to a more compassionate, fulfilling life.

Why Choose Our Self-Compassion & Mindfulness Skills Group?
Unlock the Power of Self-Compassion: In this 8-week course, you'll start the journey of developing mindfulness and self-compassion skills that go hand in hand with your individual therapy work, amplifying its impact.

Transform Your Relationship with Yourself: Gain the tools to build a compassionate relationship with yourself, moving out of self-criticism and judgment into fierce self-compassionate motivation.

Understand Your Inner Critic: Learn to identify and work with your inner critic by understanding it’s role and inviting it into a more helpful role in your life.

Rewire Your Brain for Compassion: Develop new neural pathways that motivate you through compassion instead of shame and balance your nervous system

Experience Lasting Transformation: Learn skills that lead to long-term, lasting change through a compassionate approach, transforming your relationship with shame

Align with Your True Self: Identify your true needs so you can get out of the stuck cycle of unwanted behaviors

Engage in a Supportive Community: Develop connections with others on this journey by seeing you are not alone and experiencing the impact of common humanity.

Move Towards Peace: Shift from self-help and fix-it mode to a more open-hearted, peaceful relationship with yourself and others.

Embrace Peaceful Practices: Engage in practices that nurture a peaceful relationship with yourself, fostering ease and gentleness.

Practice Acceptance: Discover the beauty in accepting yourself for who you are and how you were uniquely created.

Who is This Group For?
Our Self-Compassion & Mindfulness Skills Group welcomes those interested in developing compassionate curiosity, and engaging in life-long practices. Whether you've had past therapy experience, are currently in therapy, or simply desire new pathways to peace with yourself and others, you'll find a supportive community and transformative tools here.

Join Us on Your Journey to Self-Compassion
Take the first step towards a more compassionate, peaceful relationship with yourself and others. Self-Compassion & Mindfulness Skills Group is your opportunity to embrace lasting transformation, experience common humanity, and learn tools to support regulation of your nervous system.

Ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery? Reserve your spot now to experience the power of self-compassion and mindfulness!

The next group class is:
March 21 - May 9, 2024
Thursdays 1:30 - 2:45 pm
Telehealth via Zoom

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Sign Up Today

$45 per group or $350 for 8 weeks